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Sativa Cara-Melts 80MG | THC | Twisted Extracts

Sativa Cara-Melts 80MG | THC | Twisted Extracts

Indica Cara-Melts 80MG | THC | Twisted Extracts

  • 8 x 10 THC per Jelly Bomb
  • 80 mg THC per package 

Insomnia | Anxiety | Pain | Inflammation

Effects: Chill / Sleepy / Calm

Creamy, buttery, and delicious – Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts are seriously hard to resist. They’re infused with the same cannabis oil they use in their Jelly Bombs so you can expect the same effects. Their Cara-Melts come individually wrapped and can be easily stored in a purse or bag for discreet, on-the-go consumption (because who doesn’t need an emergency stash of cannabis for whatever life throws at you?).

Best Use

Skip the spa day and go straight to blissful tranquillity. These caramels have a reputation for bringing on waves of relaxation. Whether looking to unwind after a stressful day, relieve chronic pain or fall into a deep slumber the Indica Cara-Melts by Twisted Extracts are a foolproof answer. Whoever said ‘you snooze, you lose’ had clearly never had the fortune to try one of these caramels. Enabling users to feel an overwhelming, relaxing sense of calm and sleepiness, these Indica Cara-Melts are often used to alleviate insomnia, anxiety, pain symptoms and even to help relieve boredom.

Directions: Cara-melts are individually wrapped in 10 mg doses. Allow 60-90 minutes for full effects before considering an additional dose. Take with food for best results.

Ingredients: Sugars (corn syrup, sugar from cane, fructose), Milk, Hydrogenated coconut oil, Butter, Mono- and diglycerides, Salt, Soy lecithin, Vanillin – artificial flavour, Cannabis extract.

Active Ingredients: Indica Cannabis extract.

Storage instructions: For best results, please store in a cool, dry place.

Heat Warning

Due to uncontrollable temperatures, your products may melt during transit or from being in the mailbox.
Please ensure you take the products out right away and store them in a cool place.

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You're reviewing:Indica Cara-Melts 80MG | THC | Twisted Extracts
Indica Cara-Melts 80MG | THC | Twisted Extracts
Indica Cara-Melts 80MG | THC | Twisted Extracts