0.5ML Premium THC Distillate Cartridges


*ATTENTION* Please prime cartridge before using to avoid a burnt or off flavour. Simply take 5 long, 5 second pulls without pressing the power button.

Cartridge Size: C-Cell Premium THC Distillate Oil Vape Cartridge
Battery Type: Compatible with most batteries (510 thread)
Puffs: 100 – 250

(This product does not come with a battery or charger)

(Does not contain Vitamin E)


Earn up to 2 Points.

Vape Battery & Charger

Battery Charge Type: Twist-Plugin USB
Input: DC5V - 0.5A
Output: DC5V - 0.5A
Threading: 510

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These Premium THC Distillate cartridges contain premium refined THC distillate that is then infused with a blend of cannabis and plant derived terpenes.

These are individual batch lab tested and contain no residual byproducts of any kind.  That’s it! No fillers/artificial flavours/PG(Propyelene Glycol)/VG(Vegetable Glycerin) or anything else unnatural.

THC % ranges between 90 – 96%. RAW is a higher percentage because it contains no cannabis or plant terpenes.

You get way more bang for your buck when purchasing these cartridges compared to dried bud.  Each cartridge provides 100-250 of pulls each.  An interior ceramic coil is used as the heating element for the most efficient and pure vaping experience possible.


Super Lemon Haze, Pink Trainwreck, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Death Bubba